Imagine a universe where determination and style merge in every detail. Here,Oblack finds in Ilia Topuria a natural ally. The undefeated UFC world champion embodies bravery, discipline and resilience, values ​​that resonate deeply with the essence of Oblack and are reflected in this limited edition of 2.000 units.

I am different from everyone. The key was that I trusted 100%, I never doubted.

Ilia Topuria
Topuria tracksuit

The Ilia Topuria logo, with its two crossed wrestler arms and name, is more than just an emblem; it is a symbol of strength, determination and courage that merges with Oblack's elegance, quality and authenticity.

This tracksuit is the perfect fusion of style and performance, where comfort meets elegance, and functionality meets the urban style. Each carefully woven yarn tells a story of dedication and commitment.