¿Te gusta la libertad?

We like it too. Oblack is that black spot impossible to ignore. You can find there the misfits, the crazy ones, those who are willing to be themselves no matter what. We are not fond of rules, being told how to act, how to dress, how to live, what to believe in...we are free thinkers. Rebels by nature, the establishment considers we are weird, black sheeps, we consider ourselves the voice of change.

Eres nuestra prioridad

We strive for excellence in everything we do because we believe you deserve the best. When designing our products we are inspired by current fashion trends, but with Oblack's unique and different style, so you can combine them with your favorite garments.

Pensamos diferente

Our way of thinking is shown in the Oblack caps. In their unique and different designs of the best quality. Also, in the conscious treatment we give to people and the message we share. There is no evolution without revolution.

Más que gorras

Oblack's goal is not only to sell caps, but also to encourage the community to question everything.