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Accessories that are trending in urban fashion 2020

The trucker caps and baseball caps it is already considered a fashion accessory, although there are also two accessories that have ceased to be utilitarian to be introduced into the fashion industry: lanyards and keychains.

The landyard has long been that tape they give in offices or events and that has hung the person's ID while the Keychain it has been used to carry the keys of the bike or as a keychain for the house.

They were introduced as fashion accessories thanks to the luxury industry, thus becoming simple utilitarians. Then several urban and sports brands introduced lanyards at more affordable prices and became even more fashionable.

In the case of keychains there has not been so much hype in the fashion sector because they are more characteristic of the luxury industry, but in Oblack we believe that it is time for you to enter urban fashion. We've listened to your needs and that's why we've designed a lanyard and keychain to combine with your caps and other favorite garments.

3 Ways to Wear a Stylish Lanyard

The most normal thing is to wear the lanyard hanging around the neck, but the black sheep don't fit into that category, do we? That's why we propose 3 ways to combine lanyard with your outfit:

  1. Hanging from the backpack: the main use of backpacks or backpacks is to contain different things, although if you add the lanyard you will get to give a more fashionable touch to the backpack.
  2. The bracelet: If you are tired of wearing your mobile phone hanging around your neck you can put the lanyard on your wrist, as if it were a bracelet. You can even get creative by making different knots, you're sure to be surprised how good your outfit looks.
  3. From the pocket: Try putting the lanyard in your pocket and letting the rest hang on the outside. This is the most striking way to bring your lanyard, in the purest urban style, and prove to people that you are a black sheep.

Anyway, I encourage you to look for your unique and different way to combine both the lanyard and the keychain with your favorite clothes.