Parts of a cap: Everything you need to know to choose your cap type

Partes de una gorra: Todo lo que necesitas saber para elegir tu tipo de gorra - Oblack Caps

Are all caps the same?

To say that "all caps are the same" would be like saying that all phones, cars or computers are the same. But it could be correct to say that they all serve the same purpose, in this case, to protect us from the sun. Although, the oblack caps have also been designed to be used as fashion accessory to combine with your favorite clothes.

Still there is great ignorance about the different parts of a cap. Knowing this will help you choose a cap and differentiate its quality.

What are the parts of a cap?parts of a cap

Cap crown

First we have the crown, formed by panel triangular sewn together that give the shape of circumference, joined at the top by the button clamping, to fit the shape of our head.

The cap can be structured, like trucker caps, or unstructured, like baseball caps, which have a soft front. In this way, if the crown has structure, it will always keep its original shape, while, if it does not, the crown rests on the head taking its shape. The structure gives the panels that make up the crown (mainly the front ones) greater rigidity, so that the cap maintains its original shape. On the other hand, the baseball cap has a soft front which makes it easy to fold and take with you wherever you want.

At the same time, the crown of a cap can be higher (so that there is space above the head), or more Come on down (so that there is room between the head and the cap).

On the other hand, depending on the type of cap, the back panels of the crown can be changed for a grid, offering greater breathability; it is the classic style of cap trucker o mesh caps. The trucker cap it is both for women and men, even for boys or girls depending on what your head circumference measures.

Panels of a cap

As we have already mentioned in the previous section, the panels of the cap are the fabric triangles that, sewn together, form the crown of it.

There are five, six and seven panel caps. The more panels the greater adaptability and support; or in other words, the more panels, the more quality it brings to the cap.

Cap button

This button is found at the top of the crown, and is responsible for ”riveting" the upper seams responsible for joining the panels that we have explained above. A good button it provides fastening of the panels and longer product life, keeping all its parts together.

Cap eyelets

The eyelets are the small perspiration holes that we can see, as a general rule, in the upper part of the panels. The finish of these can be in two ways: with metal rings, which by the passage of time end up rusting; or embroidered with thread. And its function is to maintain the fresh head and avoid sweating.

Cap visortypes of cap

Another fundamental part of the cap is the visor, which can be adjustable or rigid. In addition, it can take various forms depending on the type of visor, would be the case of cap flats (snapback cap) or with curvature (baseball caps and trucker caps), to also protect from the lateral sun rays. To determine the quality of a cap visor we must look at the material that the shape and the quantity and quality of the seams that sew the fabric: one or two seams they do not provide much support, so the life of the cap will be short; with three seams the cap can already provide a durability of years. But with more than three good seams, the cap in question will last a lifetime.

Sweat absorbent bands

In all types of caps these bands have an important double function: on the one hand, protect the seams that connect the panels to each other; and on the other, absorb the traces of sweat so that it does not spill on the face.

Closure typesmesh caps

There are usually two types of caps: closed and adjustable.

Within the closed caps, there are with the elastic back to provide flexibility in terms of sizes; and, on the other hand, there are also with one size (so make sure you choose the right size).

As for the cap adjustable we can find them with different types of closures and they are perfectly adaptable to the size of your head within a certain range, for example from 56 to 61 centimeters of circumference.

As for the close they can be Velcro, comfortable although you can also dirty the velcro with lint and threads.  We can also find them with buckle metallica, which is a more elegant closure and it's mostly used for baseball caps. 

Finally, we have the most common, the closing clip that allows you to adjust the size thanks to the holes it has. Depending on the quality of the material used they will be more comfortable and durable than in other lower quality caps.

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