Black sheep dream too

gorras de hombre Oblack

Hey, it's me, Steve. I'm back. Did you miss me? Today I come to tell you a dream I had the other day:

I was walking down the street as usual, with my favorite cap and my skateboard behind my back, being me. And as I walked along, I found more and more people wearing clothes and accessories that I had never seen. Everyone seemed tremendously happy.

Yeah, I know, it's a very simple dream, but waking up made me think. People do not always express themselves as they would like, some for fear of what they will say, others for wanting to fit in, and others for fear of the repercussions it may have. Being oneself is not simple, and even less so when we have been insisted since childhood that we must follow the current of society. But what if I don't want to anymore? Many may have that question embedded in their head and still keep walking in the direction of the crowd. Fighting against society is not easy, not everyone will accept you, not everyone will give you encouragement to continue expressing yourself as you are, but that should not stop you.

But you have to take something into account, society is not the only thing that stops you, there is also you. Working on yourself can be even harder than ignoring others ' opinions about how you are and how you express yourself. Striving to love oneself is hard, it can take days, months or years, everything depends on the situation of each one, but I assure you that the reward is unmatched. Once you stop holding back yourself, the rest will seem silly to you.

There comes a point where you lose the fear of expressing yourself as you are, a wonderful moment in life, where you free yourself from all the prejudices with which you have grown up and start to live, to live for real. At that point, the world changes around you, everything is brighter, you make the decisions that make you happy, and you see everything with different eyes. Eyes that have taken off the glasses of good and evil imposed by the society in which we live and that have begun to see for themselves.

You only live once, there's only one today, one tomorrow and one yesterday, knowing that, why would you waste them hiding who you are? The people of my dream knew it, and that's why they had no qualms about expressing themselves as they were, many reflected it in their way of dressing, like me, and I assure you that it gave much more life and color to the street. In fact, as I was walking, I came up with an expression. As I watched my surroundings smiling, I thought: today they feel Oblack. Mind-blowing expression, isn't it? I feel Oblack... Yes, it is perfect to manifest that today you do not want to hide in the crowd, today you walk against the current, you express yourself as you are and you are happy doing it.

And you, do you feel Oblack?

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