Steve Oblack: the black sheep of the family

Steve Oblack: la oveja negra de la familia

If you've come this far, maybe you know me or maybe not, the nooks and crannies of the Internet are so mysterious... I'm Steve Oblack, a black sheep, and I'm going to tell you my personal story.

Since I was a child I was very questioning, before my insatiable eyes there was a whole world to discover. Why is this like that, why is that like this... I started nagging at 18 months with my incessant questions. I didn't take a “I don't know” for an answer, nor did I take a “just because".

In my childhood there were things that I didn't understand or that I didn't feel comfortable with, I didn't identify with them. I didn't understand why I had to play with a certain toy and couldn't play with the one I wanted; why I had to be combed, dressed, or fitted in a certain way. The usual answer was "this is the way it has always been done, this was the way it was established in society, and therefore it is the right thing to do".

They thought: How does it happen to the sheep to ask and question everything without stopping? What a presumptuous sheep who thinks he's smarter than anyone. Reckless, right?

I have always been rebellious and nonconformist, at first more unconsciously, now fully aware of it. In my personal dictionary, rebellious and nonconformist have a purely intellectual meaning.

We live in complicated times, in which they want to instill in us by obligation that we have to think, act and be in an already established way to fit into society. The Industrial Revolution and the era of industrialization took place a long time ago, but for many reasons and opportunisms that mentality in society continues to govern. The intention is to make us believe that we are helpless, that we have no power to shape our way of being, eliminate the creativity and critical thinking. In this way they get sheep more docile, controllable and manipulable.

Do not think that being different and going for free is a pink path, on the contrary, but I tell you that I would not change a single day. For every problem that has happened and every fall, even if I did not realize it right away, I have learned things that have helped me get where I am now and get to know myself better. After all, the one we spend the most time with in this life is with ourselves.


Well, you don't get to choose how you're born, but you can choose how you live, and since I was born a sheep, I'd rather be black.

That's why one day I went to the sheep registry to change my last name, do not think that Oblack came from series... Steve yes, but Oblack I chose it in a very premeditated way, O from oveja (in spanish) and "Black".

This way, from my thoughts and concerns, one day Oblack was born (yes I gave it my last name). No strings attached. No labels. The creation of Oblack is a tribute to all those who consider themselves black sheep, those who prefer to be themselves rather than fit into the molds established by society, without fear of what they will say, authentic. People who are faithful to their values and who do not allow themselves to be carried away by the status quo. Free people who are dedicated to what they are passionate about, empowering thus his innate gift and creating their own path in life.

Hence the slogan I have chosen "Be Unique, Be Different, Be Oblack. Find Your Way"

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