The life of a black sheep

Oblack - ¿Qué es una oveja negra?

Hey buddy, it's me again, Steve. Today I want to tell you a little more about Oblack (yes my last name is the same, but I already explained it to you out here) and why I chose to turn my life around and bet on this personal project.

The idea was brewing little by little, until in the end it presented itself clearly in my head. I knew one day I was gonna have my own brand of caps. It'll cost me whatever it costs. Why caps? Ever since I was little, I had always worn one. It's my hallmark. Caps are such a versatile item: they give a special air to each outfit, they protect you from the sun and the cold they are worth for practically every occasion, a good cap is extremely flattering. Besides, he was convinced that Oblack Caps would be suitable for any Oblack person, regardless of origin, sex or style of clothing. Yeah, I definitely wanted and was going into the cap business.

When I told my friends and family they all told me I was crazy. That it didn't make sense, that it was too risky and had no future. Sheep and entrepreneur, what are you doing, Steve? You better finish college and focus on having a stable life, find a good job, get married, have kids and buy a house.

But how would they know that if you really have a dream, however difficult and complicated it may be, with perseverance and constancy it becomes reality? Does that mean it's been an easy road? No, quite the opposite, but today Oblack is my dream come true.

What is a black sheep?

Being Black Sheep does not understand nationalities, borders, or religions, it crosses any limit or barrier. That is why Oblack arises from the union of Sheep, in Spanish, and Black (negro en inglés). It seemed to me the most logical name to encompass and pay homage to all the Black Sheep in the world.

Being a black sheep is a condition that is carried inside and exercised every day. A black sheep is authentic, has concerns, is very curious and questions everything to find the truth for itself, with experience. In addition, he has chosen to dedicate himself to what he is passionate about; he enjoys and loves what he does, so he gets up on Monday mornings wanting the week to begin. Of course, Oblack is made up of a dynamic and young team of black sheep.

Black Sheep are those that are and feel unique and different, but being Black Sheep has never been so positive. From Oblack we want to turn this concept around and contribute our grain of sand, to demystify the negative connotations of this concept, valuing the individual capacities and the potential of each person. Each one shines with special light and it is precisely that light that we have to project.

It is very comfortable to follow the mass, but I invite you to find your way and follow it. There is no greater satisfaction than self-realization. Do you consider yourself a black sheep? If not, do you dare to be?

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