Oblack collaborates with Red Cross

volcan la palma oblack y cruz roja


In Oblack we are black sheep and we have come to the world to question everything, to break the chains and live freely based on our principles and ideals. Our movement does not make any distinction between gender, race, nationality, nor any other category that divides humanity. Freedom of conscience, equality and friendship are some of our fundamental values, values ​​that facilitate each one to find what makes them unique and different.

In our attempt to transmit this message we have coincided with @Cruzrojaesp. We have not only seen a great similarity between our values ​​but also the opportunity to collaborate with them in their task of helping humanity.

The eruption of the volcano in La Palma has left us impacted, the lives of thousands of people and the quality of the natural environment in the palm are in danger. In Oblack we wish to help @cruzrojaesp donating 15% of the benefits obtained from November and December sales.

Collaboration Red Cross and Oblack

We hope that this collaboration is fruitful and that, as far as our possibilities, we can contribute to alleviating the suffering of the victims and lightening the recovery of the nature of the palm. stay informed here.

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