The caps leave you bald. Is it true or are you kidding?

Las gorras te dejan calvo. ¿Es verdad o te están tomando el pelo?

You may have listened out there that hats can cause baldness and you have wondered. Is it true that I can fall my hair to wear cap?

On average, people lose between 100 and 150 hair a day, so if you find some hair inside the cap when you take it off at the end of the day, do not be scared, it's completely normal. The only thing that happens is that the hair you would lose naturally accumulate in the cap.

Why do I fall more hair than normal?

If you fall more hair than normal you can duty to different factors such as stress, feeding or simply by genetics. It often also happens that the hair can fall due to stretching the hair to make the pigtail or by the long tension that suffers the hair due to this.


Do not worry, with the caps it is unlikely that you lose hair because you should wear a very tight cap for years so that you will notice any difference and, even so, it would not be the main reason for the hair loss but an extra factor of easy solution. In any case, when you wear the cap so tight for a long time you would notice itching and your skin will be irritated, so you would take away your cap before it could be a cause of your hair loss.

Is it true that cheap or poor caps can damage my hair?

That is already possible because there are tissues and dyes that can be harmful and cause irritation on the scalp, they are usually used in cheap or low quality hats. The person carrying a cap so it notices right away, so they are very easy to identify. For these reasons, poor quality hats should be avoided, it is worth paying a little more and having a good cap.

The Oblack hats are high-end, we carefully chose the best quality materials and manufacture them part by, taking care of every detail, not only for you to have a hats worthy of admiration but also so that it is as comfortable as possible.

In addition, as adjustable you can avoid being too tight and eliminate any chance that you fall more hair. Anyway, we recommend taking care of your cap and alternating it with others to reduce your wear.

The cap protects your hair.

The cap is your friend, rather than provoking that you stay bald the cap protects your hair. This occurs above all in summer where the intensity of the sun's rays can burn the scalp, this affects the oxygen they receive and the correct nutrition of their cells. Moreover, if you are a person with a tendency to sweat a lot, not carrying a cap will cause an excess of fat in your hair and produce a great accumulation of bacteria on your scalp.

In short, you can fall your hair if you catch the police driving or drugged, but not by carrying hat.




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