How to wear a cap and not die trying!

Como llevar una gorra y no morir en el intento! - Oblack Caps

Some say the history of caps dates back to the 1950s, that wonderful time when if you went to any baseball game in America you could see the players with their cap matching their uniform. Back then (and also today) everything that appeared on TV very soon had an impact on society. And so it was, it didn't take long for the cap fever to spread. This new wave of fashion was endorsed by celebrities, musicians and film directors and since then the cap has been present on all the fashion catwalks that it boasts. After this brief explanation of the beginnings of the caps, we are going to give you some guidelines and tips on how to wear your favorite cap and be fashionable today.

- Cap with formal style: Now we don't remember anymore, but there was a time when all the prestigious and classy people in the city wore hats to dress their head, so who says you can't wear a cap with a suit jacket? At Oblack we think that you can perfectly combine your Snapback, Trucker Cap or Baseball Cap with your favorite suit, you will have to combine colors well and choose simple between classy caps for your outfit though. Only the daring will dare to wear this look, are you one of them?

Cap with urban style: If you like skateboarding, surfing or even basketball, you will surely like reading this. Urban caps such as snapback caps can be combined with your Vans or Converse sneakers, your long size shirts or your old school tattoos. We are also guided by rap or hip hop singers, since they usually wear flat visor caps in their looks. Skate Parks also dress in this Urban fashion, one that we really like is the Skate Park in Venice Beach, as you know Steve was there skating with his Oblack Snapback cap!

Cap back: Nowadays people no longer wear caps only looking forward, for what it was created, but it is also usually worn backwards and here we explain a little why. The first reason why people put their caps backwards is because when doing some activities such as surfing, skateboarding or even cooking, wearing the visor forward bothers them in the face. Using the cap backwards allows them to have more visibility, being able to do the activity perfectly. Also people who have long hair put their Trucker cap backwards so they can gather it to avoid the annoying summer sweat.

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