Baseball caps

The classic baseball cap  It is the most sporty, it fits perfectly in any situation and style. Years ago they were practical and comfortable caps in a single color that were only used for sports, today they have become a complement to young fashion that can mark or define your daily look.

This baseball cap  It has a rear adjustment, the Oblack logo on the front and the curved visor. This allows to increase the shaded area on the face, protecting it from the rays of the sun that come from the sides.
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Baseball Cap Pure Black

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Baseball Cap Light Pink

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How is a trucker cap different from a baseball cap?

Today there are already many models of trucker caps  such as those with a rigid, foam, cotton, leather and other front. Regardless of these variations, the main difference is the mesh crown. Next, I tell you the story of trucker hats:

Decades ago, baseball hats  They were very common in truckers, they wore these types of caps so much that they ended up considering them as part of their work clothes. There is more, the baseball cap became such a characteristic garment that it ended up representing every professional trucker.

The reason everyone wore a baseball cap was because their commutes were long-distance and, in the heat of summer, they were very rough. In this way, a cap that protected their heads from UVA rays was very necessary, only it also caused them a lot of heat.

Due to this, the mesh caps were designed to breathe the head and their routes were cooler still protecting them from the sun and without losing that distinctive image by which everyone knew the cap. After a time, these caps were called "trucker caps" or "trucker caps ".

Currently, the choice between baseball cap and trucker cap  it is already personal. On the one hand, the baseball cap is the most classic, it fits like a glove on the head and has small holes that allow the head to be ventilated a little. On the other hand, we have the trucker cap that is also comfortable, more casual and also has a mesh that will keep the head much cooler, making it a better choice in hot weather.

Actually, both models of caps can be worn in any season of the year. Both baseball caps and trucker caps are American classics with a style and history of their own, just like the people who wear them.