About Oblack

Hello my friend, I'm Steve, aboriginal black sheep and raised in freedom.

One day, Oblack was born from my thoughts and worries. No conditions. No tags. We are the black dot in the flock that no one can ignore. It’s that simple.

“Oblack” represents a new meaning of Black Sheep, it comes from the union of “O” of Oveja (meaning of sheep in Spanish), and “Black”, a parasynthesis between Spanish and English implying that we are and we feel like an international brand.

One of our goals is to change the concept that people have about being a ”Black Sheep". Many see these people as the displaced, misfits or those who do not fit into the established molds. We see in them authentic people, with no fear of what people will say. People who are faithful to their values ​​and who do not get carried away by the status quo. People who enhance their innate gift and dedicate themselves to what they really like, thus creating their own path in life.

Hence our name, our logo and our slogan “Be Unique, Be Different, Be Oblack. Find Your Way."

We do not sell caps, we sell the experience of feeling unique and free. We live in the present thinking and creating a better future.


- Steve