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Lanyard Oblack


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This landyard is inspired by the latest trends so that you can look fashionable wearing it with your favourite clothes. It's useful to carry your cell phone safely, to organize your keys, or simply as a fashion accessory.

Also, when you need an extra push or to remember that's okay to be a black sheep. Even to help you take a deep breath to get up when life brings you down, get up and find your way. Or to remember that's okay to have your own thinking and ideas even if those don't fit with everyone's ideas. Dress as you like, be yourself, and not as others expect you to be.

It'll be enough to take this landyard along with Steve, who will always keep you company wherever you go. This landyard is an accessory that will make you stand out and catch everyone's eye. It's the perfect homage to the most trendy animal, the black sheep.