About us

Hello my friend, I'm Steve, aboriginal black sheep raised in freedom.

Oblack was born from my thoughts and concerns. No conditions. No labels. We are the black spot in the herd that's impossible to ignore, that simple.

"Oblack" represents a new meaning of Black Sheep. The name of the brand comes from "O" of Oveja (in spanish) and "Black", mixing spanish and english implies that we are and we feel an international brand.

One of our goals is to change people's concept of being a "Black Sheep." Many see us people as the wierdos, the misfits, the problematics or those who don't fit in the statu quo. But we know that's not right, we are authentic people and we are not afraid of people's opinions. We are true to our values and we are not dragged by the statu quo. We are those who enhance our innate gifts and dedicate our lives to fulfill our passion, hence creating our own way in life.

That's why our slogan is "Be Unique, Be Different, Be Oblack. Find Your Way."

We don't sell caps, we sell the experience of feeling unique and free. We live the present thinking and creating a better future.

– Steve